Key Focus: Resource

Our Vision - We are a Leader in Recovery and Reuse

What This Means

  • Minimising waste to landfill is at the core of our business.
  • We deliver waste management solutions that are effective and efficient.
  • We identify partnership opportunities to deliver waste management solutions.
  • We work towards solutions that value add to our residual products.


  • We will continue to be exceeding the State Government’s targets of diversion from landfill.
  • We will be recognised as leaders in our field.
  • We will be financially sustainable and our facilities will operate close to capacity.
  • We will facilitate an expanded range of services in waste management.
  • We will facilitate the processing of a wide range of waste types, including e-waste, containers, and Commercial & Industrial waste.
  • We will continue to be a recognised knowledge base and source of expertise in resource recovery and waste management.

Key Challenges Affecting This Activity

  • Our ability to communicate the environmental benefits of processing technologies
  • Our ability to manage contractual complexities
  • Our ability to comply with regulatory obligations
  • Our ability to demonstrate our costs are balanced against the environmental benefits gained
  • Our ability to manage a diverse stakeholder group

Our Objectives

Objective 1.1
We co-ordinate and facilitate solutions that divert waste from landfill
1.1.1 Optimise operations in recovery and re-use to add value
  1. Pursue opportunities to partner with other organisations to achieve regional solutions for resource recovery
  2. Consider opportunities for divesting resource recovery and disposal activities
1.1.2 Lead initiatives to deal with problematic waste
  1. Continue to explore sustainable recycling markets
  2. Work with State agencies, local governments, and commercial waste operators to identify uses for problematic materials
  3. Pursue opportunities to partner with other organisations to develop regional processing hubs
  4. Facilitate community-based recycling services for HHW, batteries, polystyrene etc.
Objective 1.2
We will lead the change to new waste solutions
1.2.1 Investigate the viability of new technologies for waste recovery, including Energy from Waste
  1. Consider EfW for the RRRC residuals and member Councils MSW
1.2.2 Investigate best use scenarios for current technology and site in regards to FOGO
  1. Tender for FOGO processing and/or provision of composting technology
  2. Optimise the use and revenue obtained from the RRRC
Key Performance Indicators
  • Waste diverted from landfill.
  • Contamination is reduced in the three waste streams collected.
How it will be measured?
  • Percentage of waste diverted = (1 - total residuals/total waste processed x 100%)
  • Lime-Green Bin FOGO <2% contamination (Waste Audits) / Yellow Bin Recycling <5% contamination / Red Bin Residuals