Key Focus: Community & Stakeholder Relationships

Our Vision - We Support A Community Of Shared Responsibility

What This Means

  • Our communities/stakeholders are at the core of our existence.
  • Our communities possess the right level of knowledge and education so that change happens in the household, at the grassroots of our society.
  • Education and environmental stewardship play a fundamental supporting role in all areas of the waste hierarchy. These are paramount in the reduction of waste to landfill, and play a significant role in supporting many of our operational elements.


  • We will be leading a regional and metropolitan approach to education.
  • Our brand is positively recognised by our communities.
  • We have a positive and ongoing relationship with our communities and stakeholders.
  • We are the leaders in achieving the Waste Authority’s targets on diversion from landfill and resource recovery.
  • Our member councils and others look to us for guidance and advice in waste education and minimisation practices.

Key Challenges Affecting This Activity

  • Changes in legislation.
  • Changing Federal and State Government policy.
  • Availability of our financial, physical and human resources to deliver meaningful education and behaviour change programs.

Our Objectives

Objective 3.1
We are acknowledged as a community leader in waste recovery & reuse

3.1.1 Participating in Federal, State and Local Government forums to support the development of regional and metropolitan waste management policies and legislation

  1. Continue to develop existing relationships with Waste Authority and DWER
  2. Advocate for extended producer responsibility and circular economy principals. 
  3. Advocate for legislation that supports the state’s waste hierarchy.
Objective 3.2
We effectively communicate with our community & stakeholders
3.2.1 Develop and implement an effective community education program
  1. Implement community education plan actions
  2. Undertake an annual review of the community education plan
Performance Indicators:
  • SMRC is acknowledged as a leader in waste management and resource recovery
  • Community awareness of the Recycle Right brand
  • Number of community contacts
  • Recycle Right Website
How will it be measured?
  • Community Survey
  • Number of persons receiving waste education from SMRC e.g. RRRC tour visitors, community and school education,
  • awareness programs run by SMRC
  • Number of hits on the Recycle Right website