Elected Members

Regional Councillors

The Resource Recovery Group's current elected members are:

Doug Thompson - Chairman, Regional Councillor

City of Fremantle

Cr Thompson is Chairman of the Regional Council and has served on the SMRC/Resource Recovery Group as the Fremantle City Council representative since its inception. He is the longest continuously serving Councillor in Fremantle’s history with 29 years’ service to the City. He serves on the WALGA State Council and is SMRC’s representative on WALGA’s Municipal Waste Advisory Council. He also chairs WALGA’s Container Deposit Legislation Policy Forum, which worked closely with State Government to bring in the Container Deposit scheme in 2020.

Cr Thompson has been instrumental in adopting best practice waste minimisation at the City of Fremantle. He believes that working collectively towards environmentally responsible waste solutions is one of the most important challenges facing local government today. Throughout his time on the SMRC/Resource Recovery Group and on Fremantle Council he has made a significant contribution in facilitating cooperation between councils to achieve this end.


Steve Kepert - Deputy Chair, Regional Councillor

City of Melville

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Steve was born and raised in the City of Melville. In 2017 he was elected to the Council for the Applecross – Mt Pleasant Ward and in 2019 was elected to represent the City of Melville on SMRC/Resource Recovery Group.

Steve’s background is in organisational development and holds degrees in commerce including an MBA specialising in leadership. He is passionate about finding efficiencies through good governance and management.

Steve recognises the importance of educating the community in delivering outcomes that will reduce waste, divert waste from landfill and encourage sustainable behaviours. He is also very interested in new innovations, which may assist the sector.



Cliff Collinson - Regional Councillor

Town of East Fremantle

Cliff is a retired schoolteacher and a Councillor with the Town of East Fremantle since 2007. Over many years, he has been active in numerous community and environmental groups including Radio Fremantle, presenting regular programs for thirty years and has been convenor of the Fremantle Oxfam group for the past eleven years.

He is passionately committed to environmental sustainability and believes the SMRC/Resource Recovery Group has a major role to play in this process by not only diverting waste from landfill, but also to educate the community on the importance of effective recycling and the role this plays in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, the financial sustainability of the SMRC is of paramount importance.