The Waste Hierarchy

The Waste Authority of WA has the responsibility to deliver a waste strategy to guide the State towards an increase in material recovery. The Waste Authority’s view is that the waste hierarchy invokes a preference for materials to be diverted from landfill through reuse, reprocessing and recycling prior to the application of energy recovery techniques or landfill.

It will remain an important task for the Authority and local government to continue to engage with the community on the importance of avoiding waste in the first place and the need to put waste in the right bin to reduce contamination.

The Waste Hierarchy below shows we should approach waste in multiple dimensions, rather than just disposing of it. As a community we should seek to minimise waste before we simply dispose of it. Activities at the top of the hierarchy, depicted below, are more sustainable and provide better outcomes for our communities and our environment.

The Resource Recovery Group - Canning Vale Centre's purpose is to recover, reuse and recycle municipal household waste, by separating waste into three streams, recycling, food and green waste organics or general waste for waste to energy processing.

The Resource Recovery Group addresses the waste hierarchy with the following actions:

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