Recycle Right

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Recycling is a simple way that everyone can help the environment. Using recycled materials involves less energy and resources than using virgin materials.  When you consider how many virgin materials are becoming hard to find and process, the need for more recycling becomes clear. The 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – are a simple way to rethink the things that you no longer need and make a difference today!

Recycle Right is a campaign brought to you by the Resource Recovery Group, which encourages and assists residents and businesses to recycle, reduce their rubbish and buy more recycled products. Visit the Recycle Right website to find:

  • a detailed A-Z list for recycling and disposing of household waste
  • which bin? What does and doesn’t belong in each of your bins in your local council area
  • Find-My-Nearest‘ – find your nearest recycling centre or drop-off centre in the Perth metro area, to dispose of items which can’t go in your kerbside bins

This information is also available on the convenient Recycle Right app that you can download!