Waste Audit Facility

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The Resource Recovery Group operates an Audit Facility at the Canning Vale Centre. The Auditing Facility undertakes audits in the regions waste and recycling stream or material product, enabling the regional waste strategy or service provider performance efficiency to be developed and implemented with a high degree of confidence.

What does the Audit Facility do?

Through regional audits the Audit Facility is able to monitor residential behaviour, satisfy compliance requirements and identify opportunities for increasing diversion from landfill, product values, program and processing efficiencies, enabling any local government or service provider to report on the performance of a chosen waste, recycling or material stream.

What types of audits are available?

The Audit Facility has the capacity to audit materials of any stature from new or existing kerbside, (individual uncertainty or bulk sampling) to community behavioural programs and data collection systems. The service includes material collection, audit data collection and analysis reports.

The Facility

The Audit Facility itself consists of:

  • Designated unloading ramp
  • Certified calibrated scales
  • Sampling equipment and tools
  • Dedicated wide entrance


All audits follow a standard three key phase methodology:

  • Client Profiles, SMRC Major Waste Classification and Requested Information
  • Material Yield Analysis and Photographic Evidence
  • Analysis Report

If you would like a quote for conducting a waste audit for your organisation, please send an email to admin@resourcerecoverygroup.com.au

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