Agreement Reached To Divert Recyclables

Published on Friday, 14 February 2020 at 8:00:00 AM

Late yesterday the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) and Cleanaway reached agreement on a contract for SMRC to receive and sort at least 50,000 tonnes per annum of kerbside recyclables commencing Monday 17 February.

The recyclables, previously processed at the South Guilford materials recovery facility, will be managed by SMRC’s facility until Cleanaway is able to rebuild its facility that was destroyed by fire in November 2019.

Cleanaway has advised it will implement an interim processing solution for the remaining collected recyclables at several processing sites in the Perth and Peel region, primarily using hand sorting.

Assistance for maintenance costs

The WA State Government has indicated it will provide funding support in recognition of the additional maintenance costs associated with the SMRC increasing its throughput for this period.

SMRC is providing information to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation in order to finalise the funding agreement.

More potential capacity at SMRC

Depending on the final quantities of collected recyclables provided by Cleanaway to the SMRC, there may be an additional 25,000 tonnes per annum of spare processing capacity at SMRC.

This could be made available to local governments that do not have a recyclables processing provider at present.

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