Objective: Educate

by providing tools to recycle right, reduce waste and live more sustainably

Key Focus Areas:

5. Be a leader in facilitating social change to increase material recovery and reduce climate impacts through education


5.1 Promote the Recycle Right Program amongst participants and other local governments as community education plan actions
5.2 Partner with member councils and complementary organisations to promote behaviour change towards waste recovery and reuse

    1. Promote the benefits of source separation for 3 bin systems
    2. Kerbside Audits
    3. Bin Tagging Program
    4. rollout FOGO to MUDs
    5. rollout FOGO to mixed use and commercial

6. Influence best practice environmental outcomes through stakeholder advocacy


6.1 Proactively lead and influence best practice outcomes in Federal, State and Local Government forums to support the development of regional and metropolitan waste management policies and legislation.
6.2 Advocate for enhanced packaging design controls and extended producer responsibility.
6.3 Advocate for legislation that limits the disposal of unprocessed MSW.